Alma mater and program of study: Christopher Newport University – Bachelors in Communication Studies

What do you love about weddings? I love knowing that I am a part of a day that two people will remember forever. As a coordinator, that moment at the end of the night when the couple hugs you and thanks you for making their special day perfect is why I am so incredibly passionate about this job.

What is your ideal day to yourself (money no object)? The ideal day to myself would be pampering – get my hair cut, manicure, pedicure, eyebrows, massage. And then if there’s time left, curling up on the couch to catch up on all the TV shows I rarely have time to watch!

Favorite Band/Singer and why? I honestly don’t have a favorite! I listen to a lot of country and pop and Christian radio. A little mix of everything. I guess it depends on what I’m in the mood for at the moment. My favorite Pandora stations at the moment are Adele, Fun!, and Indie Dance  I’m also a huge fan of 90’s pop (i.e. Nsync, Britney Spears, MMMBop)…I think they make for great jam sessions white driving!

Fun quirky thing about you: Ask me to wink; it always makes for great laughs ;) Also, I hate pickles to the point that I refuse to even touch them because I can’t stand the smell!

If you could meet anyone who would it be and why? Bethenny Frankel. I really respect who she is as a business-woman and I think it’s great to see a woman who has worked so hard in her life to accomplish goals and achieve something that would seem unimaginable to most. She inspires me to push myself beyond what I think I am capable of and to not let excuses get in the way of achieving my personal and professional goals. Plus I think she is freaking hilarious!

If you got married this year, what theme/concept would you have? I envision my wedding at a rustic, chic vineyard. I would probably stick to all neutrals – creams, grays, golds, etc. I imagine a fall wedding with a nice outdoor seating area with throws for people to curl up and have a glass of wine. I just want my wedding to be cozy and to be able to celebrate with my closest friends and family!

What’s your favorite store and why? If I could afford to go shopping every day, I would own everything in Banana Republic. I love the clothes there because they are classy and professional without being too uptight and uncomfortable. Plus I found the most perfect black dress with pockets there that I can wear for almost every wedding!

Any pets? 1 dog named Sadie 

Heels or flip flops? I love both! I am a huge fan of heels when I’m working or going out but whenever I can wear flip flops I am so very happy 

What’s your favorite OPI nail color? I have a borderline unhealthy obsession with nail polish. You will almost never see me without my toes and fingernails painted and I always have a different, fun color. One tried-and-true OPI color that I always resort back to is “Midnight in Moscow.” I just think it’s very classy even though it’s super dark!