Alma mater and program of study: I went to George Mason University for my Bachelors in Events Management

What do you love about weddings? My favorite part is watching the bride walk down the aisle. The amount of love witnessed in that moment between the father and daughter and the groom is amazing. It makes me a little sappy.

What is your ideal day to yourself (money no object)? I would start my day with and Iced White Mocha from Starbucks and then I would go to brunch with my friends, bottomless mimosas are always fun. Shopping is always a must, and then a trip to see the latest movie.

Favorite Band/Singer and why? This is so hard, I love Maroon 5, Bruno Mars, Andy Grammer, and Gavin DeGraw. For this I will say Maroon 5, hello Adam Levine, and they have a song for just about any mood I’m feeling.

Fun quirky thing about you: I was Tiny Miss Mercer County ’97 in NJ

If you could meet anyone who would it be and why? Ellen Degeneres. I think she’s one of the funniest humans ever. She also is so positive and motivational.

If you got married this year, what theme/concept would you have? I would most likely choose a nautical theme because I love the beach. I would love to choose a venue with huge windows and a beautiful view of the ocean and sunset. I love that this theme can be simple and modest; I’m not really into the flashy and showy decorations. Plus I’m really into blues right now.

What’s your favorite store and why? Target. This place is a black hole for me, I can’t ever just walk in for one thing. It has everything from cute clothes and shoes to groceries so what’s not to love about it!

Any pets? My parents have a cat who I compete for attention with when I visit home.

Heels or flip flops? Flip flops, I’m always on the run so I find that cute sandals are the way to go.

What’s your favorite OPI nail color? I love painting my nails and change the color about once a week, currently my favorite is panda-monium pink. I love choosing the nail polish with the most fun name