Alma mater and program of study: Penn State University! I have a double major in Public Relations and Hotel, Restaurant and Institutional Management.

What do you love about weddings? I sob over the father/daughter and mother/son dances. Seeing the proud looks on parents’ faces as their children begin their own families gets me every time!

What is your ideal day to yourself (money no object)? I would definitely sleep in, there’s nothing better than waking up organically as opposed to a blaring alarm. Then I would start the day with some yoga and a good breakfast. A Swedish massage would be a must, followed by some serious shopping. I would end the day with a few friends, pizza and multiple bottles of wine.

Favorite Band/Singer and why? Jason Mraz. I love the sound of his voice, and I think he’s an amazing song writer and musician. He’s also incredible live, and I love when a singer can prove they are truly talented! (I’ve also been addicted to Michael Jackson’s music since I was 5 years old.)

Fun quirky thing about you: I absolutely love car washes. Sitting in the car, watching the soaps run over the windshield and engulf everything around you is just fascinating to me for some reason. I feel like it rejuvenates me and much as it does my car!

If you could meet anyone who would it be and why? Ina Garten of Food Network’s “Barefoot Contessa.” I love to cook (and eat), and everything she makes looks so delicious! It also seems like she has a pretty fabulous life in the Hamptons that I wouldn’t mind being a part of for a day.

If you got married this year, what theme/concept would you have? I’ve always thought I would have a black and white wedding. I think it’s so elegant and classic. As for the venue, I dream of a wedding at The Hotel Hershey. Not only is it gorgeous, but you and your guests are surrounded by CHOCOLATE!! Doesn’t get much better.

What’s your favorite store and why? Francesca’s Collections. It’s a great little boutique and when shopping there I’m not worried I’ll be walking around wearing the same thing as everyone else. They have an amazing selection of accessories too, which I’ll admit is my weakness.

Any pets? Not yet, but begging my boyfriend for a puppy!

Heels or flip flops? Definitely flip flops, but I love to get dressed up and wear heels once in a while. It just makes me feel sexy!

What’s your favorite OPI nail color? Don’t be koi with me. It’s a coral/orange color that reminds me of summer!