Demi-Sec {French for Very Sweet} Package

includes all services within the Day-Of package as well as:

-Recommendations of 3 prescreened wedding professionals for each service needed; in the styles and price ranges that the Client/couple have determined

-Selection assistance for all necessary wedding professionals which includes contract review and negotiation, evaluation of pros and cons of each wedding professional in consideration , equipping Client with customized questionnaire to use when interviewing wedding professional candidates

-Creation of personalized to-do checklists based on time frame of planning and individual event categories, priority setting and management, and task reminders

-Personalized budget spreadsheet and budget consultation on spending expectations based on Client wants and needs

-Etiquette consultation

-5 hours dedicated to in-person meetings at client's discreation

$1,850 - $2,850*

*Specific investment based upon date of wedding, number of guests, number in bridal party, length of the event, and complexity of setup. Exact proposal given upon complimentary in-person or phone consultation.